Lightweight Design Summit 2020

The top-level networking event for pioneers of lightweight design in automotive construction

On July 21/22, 2020 specialist lectures, sessions and live demonstrations were used to demonstrate the key role that is played by lightweight design. The Lightweight Design Summit is accompanied by a large exhibition with numerous innovations and exhibits.

ESI will support this year's summit as Gold sponsor (Booth ESI Group) and our specialist will present in the session SUPPLIER STRATEGY ENGINEERING: 

_Title to be confirmed soon._

- ​Peter Ullrich, Technical Manager Virtual Performance/Team Lead Virtual Performance, Engineering System International GmbH

Visit ESI at booth #8!


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Virtual Performance Solution

ESI’s flagship software is a unique solution allowing manufacturers to face emerging design challenges — including those related to lightweight, green and autonomous vehicles — while avoiding over-engineering. It enables design and simulation engineers to test rapidly their innovations on virtual prototypes, rather than real ones. Virtual Performance Solution (VPS) also offers a distinctive approach, allowing the virtual testing of product performance across multiple domains using a single core model.

Lightweight design with Virtual Performance Solution

If the potential of weight saving of advanced materials such as aluminum, high strength steels and composites is widely known, the production difficulties and costs prevent their unique usage in a complete vehicle structure. Utilizing the most appropriate material for each application and component reveals to be the most efficient lightweight strategy.